We have your back.
The seamless outdoor-indoor positioning solution for you
No GPS signal inside? Don't worry, we'll keep an eye for you in every corner.
Always keep you updated. Get real-time status of the your people or your assets wherever they go.
With the wide coverage of Sigfox and LoRa deployed outdoor, you can reach area where WiFi, 3G or 4G network is not available.
How SilverEye Can Help
Live Tracker Flow
Get everything located and monitored in real-time. All data will be presented in comprehensive visual graphics.
Asset Tracking
Track and manage your assets with advanced proximity technology.
Finding Lost Person
In addition to real-time data presentation, SilverEye keeps all history data. You can trace both the current location and history tail information to narrow down the search.
Emergency Call
Our customized tracker allows user to send SOS message while emergency. Once the user presses the alert button, SilverEye would immediately notify the people concerned.
Restricted Zone Alert
If a tracker enters restricted or dangerous areas, the monitoring system would immediately be alerted.
Quality Service with Privacy
Daycare centers, pre-schools, campuses or even spa resorts, there are many places that need close monitoring but don't want a camera. SilverEye can watch without peeking.
How SilverEye Works
Real-time Data
SilverEye provides quality reports in real-time. We also help you to customize update frequency that works best for your project.
Optimized Algorithm
The algorithm is optimized to enhance precision.
Powerful Analytics
The data sets would be processed for advanced and customized analysis.
Our trackers
Positioning technology is all about precision and instantaneity. We offer customized tracker that integrates Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0), Sigfox, LoRa and PGS. The tracker will report location information to the cloud in real-time, covering both indoor and outdoor.

Our trackers are ready to fit in different types of applications. With multiple built-in sensor, you can do more than positioning. From human health monitor to factory production management, you can collect more data about the physical surrounding. Name your project and we'll help you build the tracker you need! You can also build your own tracking wearable with SilverEye.
Beacons and LPWANs
SilverEye integrates the latest indoor proximity and outdoor positioning technology to provide the best seamless real-time tracking solution. To tackle with outdoor area where WiFi/3G/4G does not apply, we offer Sigfox and LoRa technologies to cover wide range data transmission while saving significant battery power. For indoor usage, we offer Low Energy Bluetooth technology for locationing. All status would be updated up to 20 times per minute to make sure you capture the slightest change of each place.